Monday, February 8, 2010

1957 MotoRacing Newsletter

Okay, okay - every now and then I veer into Porsche-ville on this blog, which might make Porsche folks a little less happy than it makes VW folks. I'm okay with that.

But I do come across some cool Porsche stuff occasionally, like this "MotoRacing" newspaper from 1957. I found it in a junk shop last fall and really was hoping to find some early VW pictures. There was only one VW (see the MotoRacing "Pressmobile" below!) but there was plenty of Porsche tidbits. I especially dig the classifieds. These are from 1957! $3000 was a ton of money (
In 1957, the average price for a house in the United States was $2,330 according to my trusty internet search). It seems appropriate today that most of these Porsches would still be worth the cost of a house (or more, in some cases).

Ah, well. A man can dream...


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