Friday, February 12, 2010

Awesome bug on the 101 north (with a small surprise inside)

I pulled over to take a picture of this bug in a gas station. Turned out someone was sleeping inside! (you can see him in the 2nd picture before I even realized he was there.)

I was tracking down some info on Mark Herbert and found out he is quite the famous VW guy - who died in 2006 in a car crash when he was street racing. Info on him here and a now "famous" video of Mark and his bug here.



That's a good looking little bug. Did you wake to guy up?

Big Blue's Driver

No - I don't think he woke up. I was peering in the side when I saw him. I tip toed away quickly....


I know the guy. LOL I just posted a link to the story on his Facebook page. :D


Haha that's my roommate.

cory yeo

hahah thats me in my '62! i was very good friends with Mark herbert when i was 17 he helped me build my first engine... 1956cc 76X90.5 with stock heads, cheater cam, 7.1:1 comp for my bus. then he helped me build my first big motor... a 2387cc 86X94 CB performance 44X37 wedgeports, 10:1 comp carillo 5.5 rods, 48 IDAs

Big Blue's Driver

Cory - Sweet bug! Really - I turned off the highway to see it and thought - that bug's seen some miles and has some stories for sure! I came by later and you were still there - must have got some serious sleep!

Thanks for sharing the story about Mark - your sticker made me curious and he seemed like quite the VW guy.

You ever get up this way again in the bug, give me a heads up (bigbluevw at and we'll meet up for some grub.



im up there al the time.. driving my '60 panel right now..paramedic internship up in Humboldt County. where are you located?

Big Blue's Driver

I'm near Petaluma. Just north of a gas station that is great for a quick nap!

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