Monday, February 1, 2010

Pepsi-Free VW Bus Record Player

Quite a while ago I picked up this Pepsi Free (1982 to 1987) VW bus record player at a garage sale. At first I thought the sticker was stuck on by someone later - that it didn't originally come on the bus. I've since been told that Pepsi did do a promotion with these, and that there is a Mountain Dew one out there somewhere. So maybe there was a Pepsi Free one?

You can see what is should be doing in this video on YouTube:


FP Brewer

That is way too cool. I wouldn't recommend it with Robin Trower, however.


O-M-G!!! I will totally be on the look out for this at the thrift store!!! You have made my day!!! [: Thanks so much!!!!!!

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