Monday, February 22, 2010

VolksWorld Camper Magazine

I really don't understand why this magazine isn't cheaper. If there is anyone dumb enough to spend $9.99 on a monthly VW magazine, it would be me. I understand is comes from the UK, but does Hot VWs cost that much in England?

This issue came to me via a friend who found it in his seat pocket on his flight from L.A.

Trouble is, for bay window owners, it is a great magazine, so it is tempting. But, not tempting enough...



I agree totally!!! I've seen this before and have tossed around the idea of subscribing - but it is far too much money. Too bad.


Oh dear! But, it's too delicious for VW Camper fans to pass up. I think it's a great $10 spent per month. I'm going for it. I'll just eliminate something I spend 10 bucks on in a month. Two trips to Starbuck's oughta do it.

Michael Ellis

Any chance you can post up the article about the budget sloppy shifter fix?

Big Blue's Driver

Michael - it may take me a few days but I'll try.


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