Thursday, February 18, 2010

Santa Cruz Cruise - Day 1

Our route on Saturday.

These are images from our December trip to Santa Cruz.

Big Blue in Daly City's "Little Boxes".

Pacifica, CA

We stopped at the Half Moon Bay Brewing Company. Great place. Worth the stop. Awesome.

This nice, blue bug was parked in the lot...

We stopped at the Pie Ranch. I'm not sure the deal with it. But it's a cool little place to stop along highway 1.

I tried to buy this girl's CD since we now have a CD player in the bus but no dice. Apparently she has recorded but doesn't have a CD out.

Want to make a candle? You can do it at Pie Ranch!

We stopped by the wine ghetto in Santa Cruz. Good wine. Good times.

Bonny Doon is worth the stop.

The Westy above was featuring Christmas lights...

I saw this bus - actually EP spotted it - in the Ross parking lot We were there because we forgot our pan to cook in.

We had dinner and a few drinks at RED, a pretty cool place in downtown Santa Cruz. If you are not too annoyed by the color red, it's worth the stop...

Later, we made it to the campground (New Brighton State Beach) and enjoyed a French wine (unusually for us in as we are swimming in California wine).

And it was a good night...


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