Thursday, April 15, 2010

2009 Bus City - odd encounter #2 - Random VW Deadheads

Have you, dear VW bus owner, ever come upon another VW bus at a campground? What if you came upon 13 other buses at a campground? That's what happened to these random dead-following folks last year when they pulled into Casini Ranch for a spot to camp and stumbled upon Bus City 2009!

On Saturday morning, we decided to go get firewood. On our way back, we took the long way through the campground and found another bus! Peter leaned out the window and invited them down with the rest of us. They were curious, because the folks at the gate had asked, "so you're with all the other VWs, right". They should have said yes, because they ended up driving down and spending all Saturday with us.

I don't remember much about them now. They had names that were exchanged - I believe his was Grif? Something like that. And they had a dog named... Mmmm. And he was in a band called Howlin' Wolf or something like that and, man, could he play the guitar! He busted out his guitar and played some great music for a few hours...

They had a bus. I can't recall what year. '71 maybe? And the bus was in great shape and they had wood floors.

They were on the road following The Dead who had been at Shoreline south of San Fran the night before. They were on their way to the Oregon show. They were traveling with a kayak, a dog and I'm guessing a fair amount of weed.

They would leave us toward the end of the night, in the darkness. They started up their bus and headed back to their site. No contact info exchanged. On Sunday we were headed back to jobs, they were headed to the next show...

They did take a piece of us with them. "Grif" picked a Bus City grab bag - as there were a few extras - and ended up picking the one bag with a special - the first ever made - "Big Blue is a Friend of Mine" t-shirt. He was happy to have it. And I'm glad at least a Big Blue t-shirt got to follow The Dead last summer...



Aw, I liked these kids! I hope they stumble upon this post to enlighten us of more of their story...

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