Wednesday, April 7, 2010

VWs of... The houseboats of Sausalito

Sausalito has a big place in our hearts. It's a sort-of rag-tag town of odd-balls and eccentrics, and we lived there long enough to consider it home. It has a great history of hippies, counterculture and community. The houseboat community on the north end of town is at the heart of this history. Big Blue stayed there and fit right in. And the collection of houseboat characters are odd enough that a VW seems to fit right in to their world. Here's a collection of photos I shot in one afternoon. But the first photo is a nod to the area's history. Long gone, this bus-boat gives a whole new meaning to the thought of living in your bus...

This light blue one I can see from the road. I must have passed it 500 times in the past two years and it has never moved. If it were a few years older, I'd try to track down the owner...

Okay, not a VW, but can you guess what the car under the cover is?


Ludwig's Drivers

"The way I see it, if you're gonna build a time machine into a car, why not do it with some style?"
I hear those things can have trouble with their flux capacitors.



Okay, I was going to guess 924 until I read Mitch's comment.

Also, I've been asked "Who's Big Blue?" about 50 times in the past few weeks.


Big Blue's Driver

Well done, Mitch. But this model runs on banana peels and beer cans...

Jason - Do you tell them El Grande Azul is tu Amigo?

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