Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Gay VW Camper - Plastic toy from the 60s?

We found this at an antique shop in North Bend, OR on our recent trip there. It says, "Gay Camper" on the sides. Also, at the antique store, was a "Gay Policeman" and it was a little ticket-giving car made from the same plastics.

It was... interesting to try find out the history of gay plastic toys (no jokes here, please). All I can find out on the web is that they were a company that is located in Walled Lake, Michigan. In an effort to clear things up, they now call themselves American Plastic Toys.

There are a number of other toy cars the company has made including a bug. Might have to try to find the bug. This thing is fragile...



I seriously love that thing--very cool find!
Also dig the scenery of the picture.

Big Blue's Driver

Thanks! It's super delicate. The plastic is kinda cracking away...


I believe Gay was a family name. It's been American Plastic Toys for more than 20 years.

Susie Q

I would love to see the police car

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