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Facebook Fan of the Month: Jeremy from Denver - April 2010

If you missed it last month, I am starting a new thing with this blog: Facebook Fan of the Month. It's a cool way to hear about other buses than just Big Blue. Since every bus has a story, I thought I'd go to the Big Blue Facebook fan page and ask a few to share.

This month we have Jeremy N. of Denver, Colorado. He drives a 1976 yellow vw bus lovingly dubbed, "The Pig." He took the time to explain the name, tell us about finding reverse and how "The Pig" will soon be in charge of carrying special cargo.

Have a read...

Okay, tell us why you call your bus, "The Pig."
When my girlfriend and I purchased it, we talked about naming the bus... but we couldn't think of anything that seemed original to us... that night we were looking through the box of paperwork that went along with it, and we found this ceramic type pig ornament. Since this bus is pretty beat up on the outside and still needs a lot of work on the inside, I just thought that naming it "The Pig" seemed logical at the time. Plus my girlfriend Maizy and I didn't exactly agree with my decision to buy this particular bus, because of the fact that it wasn't in the most pristine condition. We both agreed that from that moment on our bus would be named The Pig. We just went with the moment!

What makes The Pig unique?
That's a good question... One thing is, it has a horn mounted to the steering column. I'm always fumbling for it every time I see another bus crusin' down the road. I spray painted "All the freaky people are the beauty of the world" on the back bumper, and it may be the only bus you'll see with a COEXIST bumper sticker sitting right next to a USMC bumper sticker. :) It's also unique to me in that it's the only vehicle I have ever owned that has caused total strangers to come right up and strike up a conversation with me about it. I've heard a TON of old bus stories from random people all over Colorado.

Was this your first air-cooled VW?
Yes, this is my first air-cooled VW, but it won't be the last! I'm completely hooked. I was so inexperienced with this vehicle, I had no idea how to even get it to go into reverse that first day we bought it. I had to have my girlfriend help me push it out of a parking spot because i couldn't for the life of me figure out how to do it. Man, that was embarrassing.

How do you use The Pig? Daily Driver? For camping?
I use it as a little of both. The first month we got it, we took it camping up in Poudre River, popped the top with that crusty old canvas, and chilled out with some tunes and some was...for lack of a better adjective here...AWESOME. I drive her to work two or three times a week...and around town running errands and all that, so yeah, she's a daily driver/campmobile! We just ordered new canvas for the pop top...and I found a shop that is willing to install it for me. We also just bought a cabinet door for the closet in the back, so I'm inching a little closer to making the interior look a little more respectable...

If someone gave you $200 and said spend it on The Pig, what would you spend it on?
That's a good question! Maizy and I are expecting a baby in the middle of May, and I still have to order the seat-belts for the back seat, so probably that. I'm also on the hunt for either the original stove/sink/fridge combo, so if $200 bucks plopped in my lap right now.... I'd put it to good use!



BIG BLUE you just made my day! :)

Big Blue's Driver

Misterj - you made mine! Thanks!


Awesome interview! I'm looking forward to hearing more stories.


i love facebook fan of the month!

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