Thursday, April 8, 2010

Making a bench/cup holder/table/seat...

I have been using my invention for the last 2 years and I realized I never shared it on the blog. Behold, the greatest VW stool ever made! Maybe not, but as someone who has been using it for 2 years, it's pretty good...

I started with a stool from Ikea (I got mine on craigslist) cut the sides down (to fit between the fridge and the backward seat behind the driver) and added some cup holders (which I bought online at a poker supply store). $30-$40 bucks and you have yourself an awesome retro-looking stool, drink holder, seat, camping table, 2nd layer of packing on long trips!

I trimmed the flared legs off to fit between the seat and the fridge.

Cut the holes for the drink holders.

Drink holders.





Show a pic of where it fits in your bus. That's an awesome idea and I wonder if it can be adapted for splitty campers!


Love it--very clever.


Nice work. I guess I'll have to muster up my own creative re-use post now.

Big Blue's Driver

I'll post some in-bus pics soon. Hard to believe, but we are out of cameras right now. We broke one and lost another in the last few weeks.

Big Blue's Driver

Taylor - I added a pic of where it goes in the bus. I have yet to get the icebox back in, but the stool as shown in the picture, will fit between it and the seat when it's back in.


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