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9-16-11 Week In Review - 10 things I love about Vintage VWs or How I am attempting to get some good karma

I try to do good things. I hold doors open. I let people into the lane in front of me. I pick up trash that I see on the ground (well, really only if it looks clean enough to grab and there is a trash can, like, right there). But good karma has given up the ghost around us this week. Seriously, here's our current situation:

- It's by far my busiest week of work all year
- Big Blue___dead.
- Little Blue was towed, will get $2000 worth of repairs
- Sink = clogged

And, for reasons I would love to disclose, I received my first ever "cease and desist" letter. I would love to tell you all the details, because that's what I do here on Fridays. But I better not. It's nothing to do with VWs or this site or my family, but it does have to do with a dream.

It's odd. I was going to write this week about 9-11. I was going to tell about how I was in lower Manhattan during the attacks on the World Trade Center. I was going to tell you how I slept through it in my apartment on 15th street and realized something was happening just after the 2nd tower fell, when I turned on the TV then, in a state of confusion, ran up to the roof and then tried to figure out why I couldn't see the World Trade Center. I had planned a whole story about how this sent me into the wilds of New Jersey via bus a week later to buy a tent with the sole purpose of getting the F out of Dodge. I had thought about how it linked directly with me leaving The City and heading west and not stopping until I ran out of land. But it all seems like bullshit. Bad Karma.

So it's time to clean things up a bit. I shall tell you of 10 simple things I dig about the VW world. This may seem like "shout outs", but it is simply a self-serving way to get my f-ing soul realigned with the universe. Here goes:

10. Chicks on the cover of Hot VWs.
I make fun of them all the time. But who am I to judge? Sure they are leaning against cars of questionable taste, but is this their fault? No. I take back everything bad I've said and embrace this:

9. All VW guys are old hippies (or they look like it)
Well, some are. And even some that aren't sport the look. But more often than not, they are mechanical engineers who know far more than the deadheads that made these cars famous.
Photo courtesy (i.e. stolen) from

8. There is an awesome online community for those afflicted with air-cooled madness:

7. That these fancy fellows hate old VWs make them so much cooler:

Shit. I was trying to be nice...

6. These guys are way cooler than the guys above:

 From the 2011 Automobile Magazine story on the annual Shasta Snow Trip.

5. There are assholes in the VW world (but there are always good guys nearby):

The story is at

4. Wine + Bus + Setting Sun:

3. The history is still fresh:

 (buy a copy of the above piece of VW history here)

2. Having friends in old VWs are the best of times:

1. They seem to run best when running near the ocean:



Dude, I feel your pain. I love this blog post. I love Top Gear, but it ALWAYS gets my goat when those jerks start slamming VWs and really America in general. I just watched the episode where they raced across the desert, and the "punishment" for your car breaking down was to drive the beetle the only car reliable enough to be trusted to make the trek. Your take on the world of VWs is fun to read, and keeps me motivated to carry the torch. My top 5 "Bad Day" Quotes:

1.Nothing is ever the way it's supposed to be. Everything is the way it is.

2. When you get to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on- FDR

3. Nothing is ever so bad that it can't get worse.- Unkown

4. Let's play a game of whose life sucks worse, I'll win, I ALWAYS win. -Ellen Pompeo

5. If you want the Rainbow, you gotta put up with rain. -Dolly Parton

Life sucks, then you die.

Ok I'll stop now. Hope your luck changes soon my friend. Take it easy out there!


This blog post made my week. I feel like you've just upped your good Karma points by 100. Things will turn around soon!

As a mechanical engineer, Steve appreciates #9.

As a wine/vw/sunset lover, I appreciate #4.

As a Bustache, the Bustache appreciates #8.

Thank you!


Hey, I resemble that remark!

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