Monday, September 5, 2011

EVENT REPORT: 2011 Fall Sacramento Bugorama #68

Labor Day marks the annual Fall Bugorama in Sacramento. This was the 68th Bugorama held in Sacramento. Since they hold 2 a year (the other on Memorial Day weekend), I suppose this is more or less their 34th year holding the Bugorama. The bummer for those of us into VW camping is that Memorial Day and Labor Day are always great camping weekends - the extra day giving our small engines to go deeper into the lost regions than normal. We're spent some pretty great Labor Day weekends camping in the past, and it's hard to justify staying home to drive to a dragstrip in much-too-hot Sacramento and pay $20 to fight crowds.

That said, this weekend marks the 2nd time I have attended. Thanks to Oak being a somewhat grumpy traveler, we elected to stay home. As luck has it, some friends Joe & Allison recently purchased a '68 bug that they are digging into now, so we decided to make the trip up yesterday together.

I came with a list:

6 volt battery top
bumpers if space
tailights and turnsignal for 56 bug
beat up, cool seatbelt
63 door panel grey/white
gas tank

As bad as my description above sounds, I had the best time yesterday. The first time I attended Bugorama, I came away thinking that I didn't need to attend for a while. But this time it was different. To actually be looking for parts, and understanding what parts I was seeing, was a different experience. To find something, know it was what I needed, and find it at a good price was a fun thing. Plus I understand much more than I did in 2008 (having only been into VWs for less than a year). Now I know enough to know there is alot I don't know.

For those of you who haven't been, it looks like this:

(download high-res image of above here)

It was awesome to see the VWs. It was awesome to be there with friends. Here are some of the sights:

At first, when I saw this vehicle below, I thought, why did someone bring a Land Rover to the show. Then I looked closer...

This kit car below was awesome! The back actually had a couch-like back seat. Would be a fantastic project...

The below GTV is the Big Blue Best of Show winner. Way cool car in perfect shape. Theses graphics and the history of this car combined make it an awesome bug. 

The Porsche 912 below was another great story. They hauled it the show the way they found it - dust and all. It was in great shape, and for $6500 someone got a great deal.

Here's the VW we took to the show...

I ended up finding a gas tank for the '56 bug, and a battery cap.

As always, I picked up some old magazine. Look for scanned articles coming from them over the next few months


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