Thursday, September 15, 2011

Little Blue Out. Looks like time for an upgrade...

Got the call about Little Blue's engine cacophony. Apparently, that noise is the rods banging away inside the engine. The "death nails" as Joel of Joel & Ron's Harmony Garage called it. They have an extra 1600 engine on hand. And, for $2000, they will put in the 1600 engine and also update the bug to a 12 volt system. We are pondering this option. 

This new expense would bring our total costs on the bug, over 3 years, to $8700ish. About $228/month. And that doesn't take into account a brand new engine in a car that doesn't lose value. Seems to me like the smart choice. Opinions?



No brainer!!


Sounds like you got it figured out. I would do it. :)

Big Blue's Driver

Yeah - looks like we are moving forward with teh engine replacement and upgrade. Little Blue will no speeds he has never known before!

Steve aka Gus's Owner

Sounds like the best option of all - you'll have a "like new" car that won't lose value, like you said. I've been tempted by the foor door Jeep as well...funny how we as consumers are easily swayed/tempted by the monthly payment, and when you look at a lump sump (like your $2000 for a new engine) it tends to shock us. But break that down monthly and it's paltry compared to a new Jeep payment over 4-5-6 years. You made the right decision! When my "modern" commuter gives up the ghost, I think I am going to look for a squareback or AC Beetle as a commuter.


Rod knock, not a broken ring. That's why I'm not a mechanic.


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