Friday, September 23, 2011

Little Blue is coming home...

Yesterday I got a call from the garage working on Little Blue. My beetle is done. Ready to pick up. Fast work, huh! I hope to pick it up today.

It's been a few weeks without Little Blue and, after Big Blue died, I had hitched some rides with another guy who lives nearby that works with me. After feeling like I was asking a bit too often, I used my AAA discount at Hertz and rented this Toyota Yaris for $155 for a week:

The morning after renting it, I had to take it up into a vineyard where, I had been warned, only four-wheel drive could make it. The Yaris made it no problem, though, I do need to wash it before returning it. It was on that vineyard climb, from the floor of Napa Valley up about 1600 feet to the top of Diamond Mountain, that I missed Little Blue the most. He digs that stuff. And he would have loved the dirty, dusty vineyard.

Driving a Yaris isn't the end of the world - there's air conditioning and a radio. But there was a moment that sucked. I was meeting a large group of people - approx 40 - in the vineyard mentioned above. They would have been way above me as I drove the Yaris toward them. And, having taken a fleet of Suburbans up to the top, I'm sure they thought that that Yaris would stop dead on the incline. And, while I was driving it up the hill I thought about how much more cool this entrance would have been in the bug. That would have blown their minds! And that's when I missed Little Blue the most. It was like my partner in crime was off taking care of his mother and I was left with a ill-suited stand in.

So I have another - Little Blue's blown but complete except block - engine now. The 6-volt stuff will be great back up for the Green Hornet - the 56 project bug - now that Little Blue is 12 volt. I plan on pulling Little Blue's old engine apart and cracking the case. It will be a good learning opportunity.

And next week I'll report back on the difference between driving a 12 volt and 6 volt bug, and what the new 1600 engine feels like compared to the 1200. Watch out, world. Looks like someone learned how to putt.

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I can't wait to see the pics of Little Blues old engine. Congratulations on getting your Bug back! Sometimes, I'll be driving my Jeep and I'll see a bug or a bus on the road, and I totally want to flash em a peace sign or wave, then I realize I'm in a Jeep commander and they would probably think I was cursing them out or something. Times like that I miss being in the bus.

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