Friday, May 6, 2011

5-6-11 - Big Blue's week in review

I've never seen the movie Almost Summer, but I came across the record this week at the Goodwill where I stop about once a week to peruse the vinyl. Normally, I would have purchased this for the shop and put it up on a shelf, but Goodwill raised their prices from 99 cents an album to $3.99 each. Seriously? Goodwill will now have the largest collection of Help Alpert albums (to match their collection of Lee Iacocca autobiographies) in the country since no one will buy that crap at $4 a pop.

In the past, Big Blue has taken on the role of weekday office for EP since she works from home. With the nice weather we are having, this has started again. It's nice for her to leave Oak with the nanny and head outside to get some work done. At some point this week, she broke down, bringing Oak out as her new "cubemate". I understand he's not a good worker.

Oak taking part in bring your kid to work day.

On the internet front, I found 2 new VW blogs to dig:
1971 VW Bus W. Sunroof Restoration Process - While lacking a good blog name, this girl from Washington is going to town on this '71. It's a great looking bus after all the work that has gone into it and I hope to see some roadtrip adventures documented.

Eric Shoemaker's 1967 VW Beetle Restoration - This guy is going beyond his restoration to document the oddballs and fans that make up the VW world. Great reads on some of the folks in the scene.

The 2011 Garage Challenge has ended. In what seemed like a slow motion race, Ludwig's Drivers won. I lost. You can see his clean garage here:

Hey, you Tweet: If any of you are on Twitter, there is quite a good group of VW folks talking. If you use the #oldvws hashtag, it shows up on Big Blue's page. Here are some good folks to follow: @oldvw, @erokCom, @BusBuddha, @jcheinzen and, of course, @BigBluesDriver

Update on the 1956 bug: Earlier this week, I invested in a 30mm socket to remove the pulley - and removed it far too easily. And then found out that AutoZone will loan you sockets! So, I "borrowed" a 36mm to take apart the generator. Good on them for doing that! Things are coming apart easily. It's the going-back-together part that will be hard.


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