Friday, May 13, 2011

Week in review: Friday the 13th edition

We started out on a VW campout with Big Blue last Friday but quickly had concerns, which will be expressed here soon, with the flimsiness of how the car seat was buckled in to the back seat. We made it about 3 miles before turning around and loading up the 2008 Camry. Here's a picture of him in all his glory, ready to go, but not quite ready to hold a child seat. I need to get this figured out asap.

After losing the Garage Challenge last week, I decided to take stock of the situation. The garage is certainly cleaning than it was in January. Once the rain stopped this year, I did dig into it a little. Looking at it now, it actually isn't that awful. And I have been able to work on stripping the engine in the evenings, which is like Zen meditation after being in an office for work all day.

Okay, so the work table is still a mess...

One of the cooler things shared on the web this week is Jon Rafman's Google Street views. It's simply amazing. And, of course, you can't go far in the world without seeing VWs. Below are the only 2 images in the collection that had VWs in them. As cool as these pictures are, you need to see the rest. You can see all of the images here: (it's worth the time).

Let's have a moment for the poor bus above....

Moving on. 

We hired a new designer at work this week and it didn't take him long to realize that a big part of his position is to send me photos of VWs. I got the one below from him earlier this week. It's a sweet late model Vanagon in St. Helena, CA (northern Napa Valley). Apparently the owner runs a kayak operation of some sort. Good on them.

1956 Bug Update: Poly Engineering called and the powder coating is done. I pick up all the parts on Monday. Then we get the tires put on. Then things, literally, start rolling.


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