Thursday, May 26, 2011

Oh, nothing shines like new powder coated wheels!

A few weeks back, while my mom and dad were visiting from Michigan, I took the day off and we headed over the Richmond Bridge to... Richmond. I had a load of items that needed to be cleaned and powder coated, so I brought them to Poly Engineering. This was the place I had Big Blue's bumpers and wheels powder coated on 2007. They did a decent job then, but the place has cleaned up and is under new management now. Talk to Wayne, the new manager. They really have there stuff together and the work they did this time was awesome! If you need powder coating in the Bay Area, try these guys first.

FYI - my 5 wheels cost $65 each.

Nothing like an early morning in Richmond!

And nothing quite like seeing this stuff!

Here's a before picture to give you and idea of the clean up:

Forgive the blurry picture, but I wanted to show how clean this place is. That oven on the right is big enough to powder coat a car frame. On the left, you can see the frame of a military truck of some sort (Wayne couldn't remember what) that had been powder coated. Tempting!

VW bug as VW bug parts hauler...

So the next big step on the '56 is to get the transaxle back from the guy working on it in the East Bay. Once we get that in, we have a rolling '56 bug!


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